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Never before has there been a greater need for restoring hope, joy, peace and calm. 

We are living in the end times 

and we face issues on every side.

If it feels like the world we live in is unstable, you are not imagining it.


No matter where you call home, it seems like we are facing a new crisis every time we turn around, from natural disasters, to uncertainty in the workplace as our economic 

foundations are being shaken. 

There are upsets in the global stock markets, rising costs and runaway inflation affecting our daily lives.  

We endure horrible, senseless shootings in our schools and communities. In other places, there are bombings, unprovoked deadly attacks, and wars. 

We suffer outbreaks of new viruses, racial injustices, and corruption. 

And then we have whatever might be going on in our own personal lives at any given time. 

You may be experiencing a debilitating health issue, 

an unexpected personal or family crisis, 

or losing hope in your marriage.

Biblical hope is real, and it's available for everyone, for whosoever will.

 It is found in God, and knowing Him, His Word, His nature,  His character, His faithfulness and His Love.

He has never failed, and He won't start now.

Hope is found in knowing His son Jesus, who died for us, 

who is the author and finisher of our faith,
who makes all grace abound toward us,

who gives us light in the darkness, 

courage where we are discouraged, 

faith where we are in fear,

peace in the present, and hope for the future.

Hope is found in His promise to NEVER leave us or forsake us, and to be with us to the end, through thick and thin, 

through all of it, and to show us the way. 

Psalm 32:8 is a tremendous promise to cling to right now: 

“I will instruct you, and teach you in the way you should go;  I will counsel you and watch over you”.

We CAN do all things 


who strengthens us.


The principle behind self care / self love is IF YOU VALUE YOURSELF AS GOD DOES, THEN YOU WILL TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

It is all about having the correct mindset of respecting, valuing and nurturing ourselves by attending to and ministering to our 

own needs (minister just means to serve).

This shows respect for our loving creator. 

We are commanded to love God,

 and love others AS (or...the same as) 

we love ourselves!  

The Lord expects us to love and care for ourselves! Ponder that for a moment!

Not in a "diva" or "celebrity"

self-centered, wait on me hand and foot, "I'm the center of attention" mentality, 

but from a humble position that when we have made time to get rested, refreshed, recharged, regathered, replenished -

whether that is in our spirit, in our minds, our emotions, or our bodies, 

then we will be equipped and able to attend to, care for, and minister to the Lord, our spouses, our children and families, our homes, churches, businesses or careers.

Remember the safety briefings that the flight attendants give? If the oxygen mask drops down, you, as the adult, put it on yourself first (so that you don't pass out), and then you can help your children?

Even the world understands this principle.

Together, we will focus on discovering which areas of your life are running on empty. Then you move on to determining key goals to work towards achieving, and from those goals, arrive at creating personal action steps that are meaningful and attainable, and realistic.

  Everything is tailor made to fit YOU.

It is imperative that we take care of ourselves in each stage and season of life. 

Don't wait for someone else to care for you.

If you get pampered on Mother's Day, or on your birthday, that's great! 

But it's not enough and it won't carry you.

Become a steward of His workmanship.

As my friend Minister Tammy Mayer puts it in her book "You Are God's Masterpiece"...  "You Are A Piece Of The Master!"

Let Psalm 139:14 be your battle cry:

“I praise You, for I am fearfully (respectfully) and wonderfully made". 

I challenge you today to make a lifelong commitment to respecting and treating yourself respectfully and wonderfully!

It's never to late to begin anew.

Others are watching you, so lead the way.



It is impossible to go through life without getting hurt.

It's impossible to go through life without experiencing grief.

Jesus said "I have told you these things so that IN ME, you may have peace. In this world we WILL have trouble (persecutions, afflictions, problems) 

but to be of good cheer and courage because He has overcome the world." John 16:33

The need for soul care comes through many doors, but certainly through grief, losses, and inner wounds:

Grief and Loss

You may be experiencing sorrow from the passing of a beloved spouse, loved one or friend, an unwanted divorce, or the loss of friendships or relationships.  

You may be experiencing grief from the loss of a position, job or career, loss of your community after natural disasters, or loss of wealth, or property. You may be experiencing compounded grief (sorrow upon sorrow in too short of time), or complicated grief, where the affects of the first loss continue to create subsequent losses and impacts.

Jesus has given us His peace. 

The Holy Spirit, the comforter sustains us in times of distress and leads us through the storm. 

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. 

He is able to bear our sorrows and hold us up. 

His enabling grace will exceed our needs.

He is more than enough.

Inner Hurts

Inner hurts not dealt with can lead to anger, grief and unforgiveness. Unprocessed grief can lead to health issues, difficulty concentrating, isolation, feelings of failure and more. Unforgiveness can lead to bitterness, hatred, and open the door to a multitude of problems on many levels. 

When hurts are not dealt with, they build up and affect our thoughts, memories, and the way we see life. They affect our emotions and feelings, our disposition, our attitude, our perspective, our behaviors and even our future expectations. 


God wants us free. 

 The Holy Spirit is well able to search our hearts and find where we are blocked, and identify trapped feelings and emotions.  He asks that we then cast all these cares onto Him for He cares for us.  1 Peter 5:7