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The Greatest Love

(Written On Valentines Day, 2020)


Valentines Day!

You either love it or you hate it.

       The day that "Eros Love" (romance / passion ) is celebrated with overpriced bouquets of flowers, mushy greeting cards,

       chocolates, jewelry, and stuffed animals. 

We shop, we bake, we make reservations at our favorite restaurant, 

or plan a special candlelight dinner at home, 

        all to demonstrate our feelings and our gestures of love.  

And sadly, if we find ourselves without a "valentine", we can wrongly compare ourselves to others who do, and struggle through the day.

I know I sure felt that way for many years. 

That feeling of being "incomplete" and "less than whole" was all a lie.

 We are complete in Christ irregardless.

This day devoted to celebrating love

it is still the perfect time of year to reflect on the greatest love story the world will ever know:  

"Agape Love" -- Sacrificial, Universal Love for all of mankind.

No-one has a greater love than this:  To laydown His own life (willingly die) for His friends. (John 15:13).

The greatest demonstration of love took place at calvary when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ willingly accepted death on the cross 

as atonement for sins, to purchase salvation and to secure eternal life in heaven, 

for everyone who confesses Him as Lord and Savior.  

But His love didn't stop there! 

In addition to making full payment for our sins, iniquities, and transgressions, 

Isaiah 52 & 53 tells us that Jesus also carried our sorrows, took our griefs, pains, weaknesses, infirmities, sadness, and distress.

Think of distress as when as ship is in dire need of rescue and calls in an SOS. Distress is severe, extreme stress and crisis.

He did that for us.

Isaiah 50 tell us of the disrespect, dishonor and disgrace He endured for us. 

The hairs of His beard were pulled out, a gesture of contempt.

 He was mocked and ridiculed in the midst of His suffering.

He was spit upon in His face. 

The punishment He bore purchased our peace. Not only peace with God, but peace in our minds. 

By the stripes He took, We are healed. 

The bible says that His appearance was disfigured beyond that of any human. That it was appalling, horrifying, disturbing.

He descended into hell in our place.

 He endured all of that for us and for our sake. 

This is Agape Love in demonstration of power.

I'm here to tell you that If you ever feel unloved, unwanted, rejected, alone, or like your heart will never heal,

know that the love Jesus has for you never ends. His love is flowing from His throne room towards you this very moment. 

When there are blocks to receiving that love, they are always on our side. Never His. 

 If you have not accepted this free gift of salvation,

 just pray and ask Jesus to come into your heart and be your Lord and Savior. He is waiting for you.

In doing so you are asking Him to take legal authority over your life as you come out of the world and into His kingdom. 

As King of the Kingdom, He now takes personal responsible for caring for you - which is a very good place to be!

Receive Him as Savior, and thank Him for giving you new life today, 

for forgiving and removing all of your sin which separate us from Him.

Ask the Lord to direct you to a good bible teaching church in your area where you can begin to grow in your faith.

His courageous forever Agape love made available everything we could ever need: 

redemption of our spirits -restoration of our souls - and healing for our bodies.

He has given us everything we need for life and Godliness: 

His Name 

 His Authority 

His Word

His Holy Spirit

Every Spiritual Blessing

Exceedingly Great and Precious Promises

and Hope in All Circumstances


    You are NEVER alone. 

     You are NEVER without love. 

    You are NEVER abandoned nor forsaken.

      You are the recipient of the Greatest Love that will ever exist. 



Susan Smith is a mature, Spirit filled Christian, Licensed and Ordained Reverend, Commissioned and Ordained Chaplain,

Board Certified Advanced Professional Christian Life Coach, Certified Christian Mentor, 

Spiritual Care Giver, Christian Writer and Certified Motivational Speaker.  

She can be counted on to be an authentic, bold, passionate, kind, and unwavering voice sharing God's unstoppable word of hope.