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This is a fresh message of hope, love and encouragement straight from the throne room from the Heavenly Father !

In my prayer time this morning 

the Holy Spirit instructed me to write about the need for the Body of Christ 

to repent of anything that is pulling them away from the Lord and to put Him back in first place. 

This is both a correction, and a loving invitation to walk closer to Him than ever before. Especially now.

It's as if the Father were saying "Daughter - What Are You Doing?  Where Are You Going? Get back over here!"


First and foremost, this is an invitation to reevaluate the quality of our relationship with the Lord.

Like a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to see where improvements can be made.

Here are a few questions that might help:

What Place Does He Have In Our Life?

Is Jesus still at the center of our life?

Have the cares of life, the concerns, the business, the fears and worries stepped onto center stage leaving Him on the side?

How Important To Us Is Our Relationship WIth the Lord ?

Is He still the biggest, most wonderful, most relevant, most important part of our life?

Has He been placed in the trunk like a spare tire for emergencies only, rather than being the steering wheel?

How Much Value Do We Place On The Lord?

Do we still value His written Word, and the Things We Hear in Prayer above everything else we hear?

Do we still go to Him first and "in all our ways acknowledge Him" ?

Do we ask what He wants when making a decision? 

How Much Time Are We Spending With the Lord? 

Of the time we have available, how much is spent in prayer?

How much time do we spent reading and studying the Word of God?

How much time do we spend just fellowshipping with Him, enjoying His presence?

How much time do we carve out to just sit quietly listening for His still small voice?

To pray for the lost, for leaders, for the nations, for revival to come?

Of the time we have to listen to music, how much of that is spent listening to worship music ?

Of the time we have to watch television, how much is spent watching an edifying Christian program?

Of the time spent on social media, are we viewing something that will feed our minds and spirits?

How Regularly Often Do We Attend Church Services, (or Online Services At This Time?)

Is attending church a major part of our life, our culture, our identity?

Iron sharpens iron. It's helpful to be with other like-minded believers. 

How Much of Our Finances Do We Give To The Kingdom?

Of the finances God blesses us with, is 10% considered as a holy tithe? 

Do we help move the kingdom of God forward with offerings? 

Do we support the work of Missionaries?

Re-Consider   Re-Prioritize   Re-Fresh

The things that pull us away are not bad things. 

Families, Careers, Ministry, Homes, Vehicles, Technology, Property, Possessions, Hobbies, Interests and Desires - 

They are all blessings God has given us, but have to kept in right priority and in right order.

Anything that we give ourselves to MORE, care about MORE, value MORE,  or feel is MORE important than God

becomes a distraction at best, an idol at worse. 

Any person, place or thing that has a bigger place in our hearts and lives really needs to be thought through.

Ask the Lord to reveal any areas that need pruned, trimmed and tidied up. 

Re-Group and Re-Focus

In 1982 I came down on orders for a TDY (Temporary Duty) assignment to attend the

 Army's Primary Leadership Development Course for Combat Support/ Combat Service Support 

conducted by the Non-Commissioned Officers School of Infantry, at Fort Benning, Georgia, 

not far from the Alabama state line.

 I was young. Only 21 years old.

I had to leave my baby daughter Elizabeth behind, and she was only seven months old.

Beth was simply not old enough to understand where her mama went; only that "mama went bye-bye".

I carried her picture and thought of her every day and every night.

This was also a full decade before I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Still trying to figure life out on my own without His guidance or direction, or His salvation, and in my own strength.

One requirement of my month long training was black out recon night ops training.

After classes and training all day, about bedtime that night we were driven 20 some odd miles from the base to the woods.

Our mission was to maneuver through miles of wood and thickets in pitch black 

to find and record the locations of several key markers

 (such as an empty can secured to a tree).

We were broken into small squads of six or eight soldiers.

Before starting the course, we were relieved of any light producing items on our person: 

there would be no flashlights, cigarette lighters, matches, or light up watches.

To successfully complete this training, each squad was given one compass.

We set out in 5 minute intervals so we couldn't follow another team.

From there, we would need to rely on the stars to help us navigate,

 and we relied on the moon for light.

Except it was a foggy, February night.

A bitterly cold, damp, humid, misty, "suck the warmth from your bones cold" kind of night in Georgia.

As the fog blocked our moonlight,

 the winter clouds also hindered our ability to see the north star. 

 I recalled our briefing before we set out.

One of the cadre'  --God bless Him -- gave us one important safety tip:

"If you hear the Chattahoochee River, you've gone too far . Turn back"

This important warning would give us direction, but also offer protection...

lest anyone trip or fall off the riverbank in the darkness and be swept away in the current.

Our team spread out a bit to cover more ground in less time.

Hours into our night mission, we had actually managed to locate many of our markers in the darkness, 

but we were not finished, and we were pushing close to our allotted amount of time.

I was working the left flank when I suddenly noticed a change in temperature and humidity.

The air became even colder, even more damp.

Just ahead and to my left, though I could not see it, 

I heard the faint, but unmistakable sound of water. 

Moving water. Lots of it.

That would be the Chattahoochee. 

Our squad had gotten off course. The last thing we needed.

We must have gotten distracted with the terrain, the fog, with everything looking the same.

Maybe the other squads did too, we had no way of knowing if our team was the only one still out there. 

I located the soldier carrying our teams compass.

Pointing towards the direction of the river, 

I told him what I heard.

We circled in and huddled up and put our heads together.

After a month of training, classes, studying, exams, inspections, physical endurance and assorted hardships,

if we were going to make it - walk across the stage and graduate - 

and return home to our families and to our units diplomas in hand,

then we had to get through this night, finish this course, overcome this "off-coarse-ness" and get back on track...


All we could do was STOP


Step by Step by Step.

Shortly thereafter, we found our remaining markers and recorded them.

We found our way back through the woods, back to the rigs and loaded up. 

This is when we would normally have picked on each other and talked smack about who came in first, who came in last,

but it was into the wee hours and we were shivering and tired.

In the silence of the jerking vehicle, with the lights out, amidst the rumble of a heavy diesel motor, we drifted off to sleep. 

Soon we were back to the respite of the barracks, our bunks, 

grateful to be tucked between my two white sheets and my two olive green, government issued wool blankets.

And we all graduated with flying colors.


My sister, I shared that memory from that segment of my life to make a point, and to say this:

Life can be hard sometimes.

There can be a lot of things to maneuver.

There are times when it seems so dark, the way doesn't seem clear.

If you have gotten off course in your walk with the Lord for any reason,

if you have noticed a drop in temperature,

if you have gotten a little bit lukewarm, 

If anything is distracting you from His presence,

if there is anything getting in the way,

if the pressure's of life have resulted in back-sliding,

if there are things that have been taking more of your time or have became more important,

if there is anyone you need to leave behind to walk with the Lord, even though they may not understand,

or let's keep it real - if you can't find your way,

if the clouds or fog of life are blocking or diminish the light,

if life looks the same day after day after day,

if you have drifted off to sleep to the things of God,

if somehow you've lost the faith, 

 wandered away from the faith, 

or even abandoned the faith,

if you need to re-commit and re-dedicate your life and start afresh...

then I share the same encouragement that helped me nearly 40 years ago....and still works today,

Just STOP.  




Step by Step By Step

The Lord is waiting, watching.

Jesus has the compass !

And just like the Chattahoochee River that we could not see in the darkness, 

he knows the things that can potentially sweep us away from Him.

His correction to get rid of things that distract offers both direction and protection.

And one glorious day, we will "graduate" from this earth.

In the meantime, turn to Jesus. Walk close to His side in everything.

He will help you get your bearings and get back on track.

Just ask Him.

2nd Timothy 2:19

"God's solid foundation (of faith) stands firm sealed with this inscription:

The Lord knows those who are His,

and everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn from wrong thing" (implies: and turn to Him)

 Psalm 103 tell us 

"Bless the Lord O my Soul, and all that is within me bless His Holy Name.

Bless the Lord Oh My Soul, And Do Not Forget All His Benefits.

The Lord wants us to remember that serving Him has benefits.

Just one of the benefits of returning, realigning and in realizing your position in Christ,

is you will find that He has your ever need planned for and covered.

"...In Prayer and Petition, Let Your Needs Be Made Known."  Philippians 4:6

"He is Able To Do Exceedingly, Abundantly MORE Than You Can Ask, Think, or Even Imagine,

According to the power that works in us". Ephesians 3:20. 

That power is the Holy Spirit. 

"My God shall supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus"   Philippians 4:19

If you have a financial need at this time, remember what God has done in the past. 

He doesn't change. 

He remains the same yesterday, today and forevermore.

One of the names of God is Jehovah Jireh -  which means God will provide.

God has been providing for His people long before there were banks, stock markets, 401K's, or unemployment benefits.

By all means, accept whatever benefits are legally yours, but remember that God is the source.

Who, or how He meets your need is secondary. He is the source.

There are countries that do not have the funds to give pandemic assistance, or economic stimulus checks to every citizen.

Not to fear. 

God will still meet every need. He is the source of every provision.

If you are His Child, He will make a way for you.

Don't get into fear and doubt regarding finances. 

Just praise Him and thank Him for the provision ahead of time.

If you have been trying to figure life out on your own without salvation, direction, wisdom or guidance like I was,

and if you would like to become a child of God today,

know that while all of us were still sinners, Christ demonstrated His Love for us by dying on the cross (Romans 5:8)

Just tell Jesus that you accept His free gift of salvation, ask Him to forgive your sins,

and ask Him to come into your heart.
Then confess Jesus as Your Lord from that moment on. Get a bible and find a good bible believing church. And don't quit !!

You Are NEVER Alone in The Kingdom of God!

You Are NEVER Without The Holy Spirit to Course-Correct, Invite, Rebuke and Encourage.

You Are NEVER Without the Lord calling us into continued renewal with Him.

He is calling us to remove the barriers and walk very, very closely to Him.

The closer we are, the better we can hear Him.

I like to say it this way: 
"If you belong to Jesus, you couldn't be alone if you tried ! "





Susan Smith is a mature, Spirit filled Christian, Licensed and Ordained Reverend, Commissioned and Ordained Chaplain,

Board Certified Advanced Professional Christian Life Coach, 

Certified Christian Mentor, Spiritual Care Giver, Christian Writer and Certified Motivational Speaker.  

She can be counted on to be an authentic, bold, passionate, kind, and unwavering voice sharing God's unstoppable word of hope.