Greater Glory Christian Coaching, LLC, TM

Faith Based Spiritual Care For Women


Coaching, Mentoring, and Christian Speaking Ministry



Phone Appointments Available

Hourly Rate

$80.00 per hour

One Month of Care


You receive two  1-hr sessions 

(Rates reduced to $75.00 per hour)

Three Months of Care


You receive six  1-hr sessions 

(Rates reduced to $70.00 per hour)




4 or more clients required, in person.

Hourly Rate

$149.00 per hour (not per person)

Denver Metro / Front Range

Group coaching or mentoring is available for your church, business, women's group or organization, 

at your location. 

Common topics relate to  

 hope, help, peace, soul care, 

setting boundaries, inner freedom, overcoming adversity, 

encouragement, exhortation, 

finding strength, stability, 

developing faith,  self care, 

self love, self worth,

releasing forgiveness, etc.


Events, Conferences, Luncheons,  etc.

(Please see note below for very small groups needing a speaker)

Hourly Rate

$199 Per Hour / 2 Hour Minimum.

Denver Metro / Front Range

Northern Colorado

Please call to discuss other locations. 

       Susan is a kind, bold, genuine,         life-giving and loving "voice" passionately sharing the truths, power and freedom found in the Word of God. 

Requests for speaking engagements are currently being accepted for the remainder of 2021 and for 2022.

Call today to book your conference, workshop, banquet, business organization or women's event.


Special reduced rates for very small groups seeking a 20-30 minute  speaker for their women's group.

Please call to discuss your needs.

Payment Policy:         

Fee's for prepaid coaching/mentoring sessions, or deposits for group coaching, and speaking engagements are easily paid with the 

pay-pal link below, and are non-refundable. 

Reschedule Policy:    

Reschedules are accepted but require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice.

Forfeit Policy for Coaching/Mentoring:            

Missed sessions that have not been rescheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance will be forfeited.  Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis for rare, unexpected, unforeseen emergency situations due to factors beyond your control, where you truly were not able to contact me to reschedule your session. If a session should ever be missed because of an unforeseen emergency on my end, (prayerfully this will never happen), you will forfeit nothing. 

Remaining Balance Billing Policy for Group Coaching/Mentoring

 After pre-paying the initial one hour deposit, the remaining balance (if any), will be pro-rated and invoiced.


Remaining Balance Billing Policy for Speaking Engagements:

 After pre-paying the initial two hour minimum deposit, the remaining balance (if any), will be pro-rated and invoiced. 


*Please use drop down below to select schedule.

Coaching and Speaking Fees