Greater Glory Christian Coaching, LLC, TM

Faith Based Spiritual Care For Women


Coaching, Mentoring, and Christian Speaking Ministry

"Hope Filled Coaching For Everyday Women with Everyday Issues"


Hello! I appreciate your interest in learning more about me and the work that I do.

 I founded Greater Glory Christian Coaching, LLC 

to help women who are overwhelmed and worn down from life situations find hope;

to help women who are hurting or wounded come back into peace so they can get free, and move forward,

and to help women who are not caring for themselves, or loving themselves as they ought to, learn to do so.

I am a strong believer in biblically based spiritual care because it helps change lives.

As a coach/mentor, I come alongside to get to know you, 

encourage you, care for, strengthen, support and help rebuild.

I listen for lies you may have been told, or believe, so they can be rooted out and replaced with truth.

Each session is tailor suited to your needs. 

 As part of your spiritual care, biblical promises will be decreed and declared and prayed over your life,

if you are willing to receive them.

God is watching over His Word to perform it, 

so we need to speak it out boldly, especially when things are the most difficult. 

Greater Glory Christian Coaching, LLC 

offers high quality, professional care with fair and competitive pricing

You won't find packages priced in the thousands of dollars on my website.

I delight in working with women from all walks of life, just like you, who are dealing with everyday issues,

and I have voluntarily REDUCED MY FEE's because of the financial hardships brought on by COVID.

I want to encourage you today. 

Whatever you are going through, whatever the trial, the test, the circumstance or the situation:

Whatever you need can be found in Jesus Christ.

He has the wisdom, solutions, answers, instructions, direction, the mercy, the love...

He has the power and ability to bring your life back into peace, and to meet every need.

 He is an ever present help in time of trouble.

He is light in the darkness. He is familiar with grief and suffering.

He invites us to "ask what we will so our joy may be full". 

If you need soul care, inner peace, or if your hope needs to be restored,

if you are battling with fear, anxiety, discouragement or hopelessness,

or if you need to acknowledge your self worth and begin to care for yourself,

don't stay stuck another day.

Get back on the road of life and live an abundant, full, and blessed life.

Trust that the Lord Jesus Christ is still the Redeemer!

He came to open the prison doors for those who are bound.

He brings beauty from ashes. 

It may take a little time, 

It may take some work, 

It may take some patience, 

but His promise is guaranteed !

He Came To Set The Captives Free.


Where do you need support today?

Blessings, Susan