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 Rev. Susan Elaine Smith, CPLC, Owner and Founder

International Board of Christian Care, Board of Christian Life Coaches

Life is not easy, and certainly not pain free.

Life happens to all of us.

Even women with the strongest of faith suffer adversities, trials, set backs, grief, hurts, wounds, losses and exhaustion.

 I am called to the work of restoring hope, offering encouragement, providing soul care, and self care.

I help women who are overwhelmed, and going through difficult life circumstances find hope 

in the midst of adversity.

I help women are hurting and emotionally wounded come back into peace and joy so they can move forward.

I help women who are weary and worn out commit to taking good care of themselves.

I am passionate about helping women get set free, and regain hope for the future, and coming alongside to help.

The purpose of coaching is to accomplish goals, renew our perspective, and achieve results.

The purpose of mentoring is to assist, empower, equip, impart and share knowledge and lessons learned.

The foundation of Christian coaching and mentoring is keeping Christ at the center of our lives, 

and adds the spiritual elements of prayer, use of scripture, application of biblical principles, and reliance on the Holy Spirit.

This is a safe place to land a world that is not so safe.

Greater Glory Christian Coaching goes beyond merely being client focused. 

I am an equipper, encourager and exhorter.

I am a hope provider. 

I will work with you, walk with you, and support you, as you regain your hope, joy and freedom. 

Do you have anyone in your corner praying for you? 

I am dedicated to spending time in prayer for my clients before and after each session, and in between sessions.

You can reach me via email if you need additional support between sessions.

Whatever you are going through, you are not alone.

Greater Glory Christian Coaching LLC is: 





No Contract /  No Risk,

Free 30 Minute Consultation

You will never be asked to sign a contract for coaching or mentoring services. 

You will be asked to review a simple coaching AGREEMENT, which is not a legal document.

 An agreement simply lays out each of our responsibilities, and expectations of what we will do to achieve results.  

     I offer a free consultation / assessment to discuss your coaching needs, your goals, identify areas you would like to work on.

Competitive Hourly Rate, or

Cost Saving Monthly Rates! 

Professional coaching and mentoring are a valuable  investment in your life, your freedom, and your future. The client is always in complete control of the areas they wish to work on.

  I offer a competitive hourly rate for individual sessions as well as two convenient, cost saving flat rate monthly packages. 

Both are easily prepaid through Pay-pal. 

Each coaching sessions begin (and end) in prayer as we invite the Holy Spirit to join us in our work.

Coaching sessions are scheduled for dates/times that are mutually agreeable. 

Please give 24 hours advance notice for reschedules.

Professional, Competent 

Spiritual Care

  Licensed and Ordained Reverend

 Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach

Commissioned and Ordained Chaplain

 National Credentials and Board Certification with the International Board of Christian Care,

 Board of Christian Life Coaching

Certified Christian Mentor

Graduate, Institute of the Holy Spirit

Dual Coaching Certifications from

two respected Christian Coaching Institutions

Member, AACC

Member, International Association of Professional Motivational Speakers  

Encouraging Christian Speaking Ministry


Transforming Glory Ministries (WARRIOR CARE)